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BBC Sounds Podcast Interview "Why Does Music Affect the Way We Feel?" (Dec 2019)


Red Bull F1 Theme Song Q&A (Sept 2019)

The Goldsmith Odyssey

Podcast interview for Goldsmith Odyssey - A chronological journey through the filmography of composer Jerry Goldsmith (Sept 2019)

Charlies Angels Soundtrack

Collider Article: Charlies Angels Soundtrack Release (Oct 2019)

Express FM2

Interview with Jon Brown for The Composer Series on Express FM (Oct 2019)


Pop Disciple Interview Covering Ready or Not & Yellowstone (Aug 2019)


Slash Film Article On Yellowstone Season 2 (Aug 2019)

Variety Jun 2019

Variety Article Emmy Edition (Jun 2019)

Gold Derby

Video Interview for Gold Derby Discussing Yellowstone (Jun 2019)


Television Academy Member Profile (Jun 2019)

BBC Front Row interview with John Wilson (Jan 2019)

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 12.06.48 PM

Escape Room Released on Vinyl (April 2019)

Entertainment Weekly | Now You See Me 2 Interview (2016)

Go See Talk Interview (2016)

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 3.29.22 PM

Brian joined BBC One's Breakfast show for a morning talk about all things film and his up-coming concert! (2016)

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